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Victor Bloom (Photo: Below) is known as Isildur1 at the poker party. Among the best players on the planet today. He was afraid of almost all the strong and famous poker professionals in the young Swede for a year. At the same time held his real name private. During several months, Isildur1, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Patriarch Antonius and Tom Dwan has earned more than six million dollars. Since then, all the poker media began to talk about him. This article will submit a short biography of the upper-level organizer.

Victor City is born in Swede1990 in the city. The big brother taught him to play poker. Fourteen years old – this is the age he met Viktor Blum. The poker was fun for the child and devoted all their free time to the game.

A year later, my brother gave $ 100 to Victor’s account. After a short time, Bloom could increase up to $ 300,000.

Every day was sitting on the online tables from Bloom 12.14 hours. Naturally, such a program has affected the school performance. In this context, their parents prohibited Victor playing poker. But the child has not stopped this situation.

Risk – What is the game that directs the game at first Victor Bloom. The young poker player’s strategy was super. Although this is not often, it has contributed to the emergence of large losses. They often put Victor on the limit of ruin In the early 2008, the young man was only a $ 2000 account at one of the poker rooms of the iPoker network. After nine months, Bloom increased his money to $ 1,400,000 and then the Swedish Full Tilt decided to throw the Poker.

On the arrival in September 2009, Iildur1 began to play for Victor Bloom HighStacks. No one knows about the new poker player in Full Tilt. The young man’s first opponent was Regular Hasib Kareshi. Players met at $ 100 / $ 200 border.

First, Victor gave Portugal almost $ 30,000.After gave the lost money back. Later, poker players moved to the pot-limit Omaha ($ 500 / $ 1000) tables. Many professionals stated that Viktor Bloom did not know much about this discipline. However, this did not prevent Swedes by crushing Kareshi. That day, Viktor renewed half a million dollar bill.

The next game is Isildur1 really famous.Bloom challenged Tom Dwan. Poker players played Unlimited Hold’em at 6 Tables $ 300 / $ 600. They have passed $ 500 / $ 1000 later. Victor and Tom almost played day and night. And for three days, Bloom gained more than $ 3,000,000 and then, Dwan recalled the Swede to get revenge. However, another lost $ 2,200,000.

Despite the popularity earned popular, Victor Bloom was still dark in the poker world.

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