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From time to time, these sections are both narrative items and the image and audio tool with or intertwine. Roy shows the historical film type of history of the big n. Alexandria has been added an animation that describes what they feel while surgery. The film is an eclectic-home series, while combining many different items. The characters are too far away as time and space. One of the Indian, one of a tribe, a baffles, an Africa> a slave, a masked rogue, Darwin and explosives.

Pan is a man. These characters are in the same advantage. Semah-making Mevlyevians, such as TAC MAHAL, the elements are placed with no mate or causality. The texts are in this collage and eclecticism. Darwin is the heroes of the stories of the major

In this unit, he studied three different explanations and to explain their properties. We know that you can have a thousand ways to tell a story. The same story can be explained in the narrative narrative structures. For example, the Carmen is a small romand of Prosper Merima in 1845. This story has been performed as the film film, theater game, ballet, opera since that day. The history of the Roman is a history of K> Saca Folo: The factory is in the worker, the FLAN Carmen is fighting with other miscellan women and kills it. Arrested. Its officer who arrests him / herself from the prison to the prison. However, after being saved, the officer does not want to. The BAFLKA is with a man. In 1983, a director from PK> MERME, Carmen is not satisfied with a sole lover and the director. The film, the rehearsal of the representation of the rehearsal, musicians and directors are the proofs of the rehearsal of the rehearsal of the rehearsal of the rehearsal of the

cannot understand that the scene is real or rehearsal. Providence of the demonstration of the show will understand that a scene of the characters of the characters belong to the lives of the characters or the opposite fact that every FLE is part of the provan.

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