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By using strategic sampling (Very specific samples of ROM, Motion Quality, Pain Index, Compensatory Motion, Asymmetries, and Force Production) of the Bio Motor System, (your body & how it moves and contracts) via its degrees of freedom in determining its control over those degrees of freedom. (Basically, what movements your body can control, cannot control or even has access to) we then reconcile these concepts to make determinations about what to do or not to do to your muscular system
to potentiate & train it.

ReImagine Exercise™ with

Muscular System Optimization. 


This training is a continuum from the initial assessment and Muscular System Optimization sessions. It was designed to maximize your results using sound scientific principles and create 100% custom, client specific exercises.


The techniques we apply to create unique and personalized exercises to address your movement and performance needs are unlike the stereotypical and traditional approaches that are often used in the health & fitness world today.

ReImagine Exercise™ with

Muscle Optimization Training!


After you have reached your goal(s), and/or fundamental objective then we focus on sustaining these accomplishments. That doesn't mean we stop progressing, it just means we "sustain the gains"!!!

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Assess Train Sustain

MMX Custom - Client Defined Exercise

As an Exercise Professional, & Muscle System Specialist™, I aim to give my clients an experience unparalled in the training/fitness, pre- & rehab industries. In order to meet my clients' needs, every exercise/plan is 100% custom to the individual. I’m highly committed to offering you the best experience, & quality in the field. It’s taken me years of hard work & continuous study to get where I am today, to the point where I can say your health is in good hands.

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