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I had been suffering from back and neck pain for 8 months. The tightness caused terrible headaches in the back of my head which would make it very difficult for me to function. I tried physical therapy and saw a chiropractor for months. I had also seen an orthopedist who after looking at my x-rays couldn't determine the cause of the problems; he only gave me muscle relaxants. It wasn't until I started working with Dom that I obtained relief from my problems. My husband, who was also seeing Dom for various work and exercise related problems, suggested it to me. I saw that it was helping my husband and, not knowing what else to try, I decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad that I did! After a few months of regular sessions, I am doing much better. My muscles are stronger and I rarely get the headaches anymore. The best news is that after a year of not exercising, I have started to work out again! I am working out with Dom so he can monitor my posture closely and if a problem arises, he can address it right away. Dom is very knowledgeable about How the body works and confident in his approach. He really listened to my description of my problems and really cared about helping me feel better. He went at a pace with which I was comfortable. He is very pleasant and fun to work with, and I always feel good after our sessions. I will always be grateful to Dom for helping me feel better and be able to participate more in my life."

Judy Kaplan


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